Burberry Sport Anorak
Burberry Sport Anorak
Burberry Sport Anorak

Burberry Sport Anorak


A rare example of Burberry's foray into Sportswear can be seen in pieces from the short lived Burberry Sport diffusion line. A series of outerwear garments were produced by other brands creating luxe sportwear offerings and Burberry was no exception. Discarding the nova checks, a similarly striking palette of orange and navy was adopted for these collections. Never one for subtlety back then, these pigments would stand out as a stark contrast when worn amongst the snowy mountain peaks of the Alps along with allowing passing cross-country skiiers a glimpse at the not so subtle Burberry branding.

Beggars has managed to source several products from this line and all live up to Burberry's heritage and purveyor of fine quality pieces of outerwear, even on these built for purpose pieces. Heavyweight nylon, breathable linings and quality appliqué graphics are paired with thoughtful sportswear specifications with great results which would make even the most discerning outdoorsman reach for his card (or was it cheque book?). We wouldn't be surprised if these make a reappearance as one from the archives in future releases when someone at the Burberry office comes across them.